New Book by Esteban Garcia - THE NEW WORLD ORDER: MISSING LINK

ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to offer the latest work by Esteban Garcia The New World Order: Missing Link.

[PRposts, Tue Nov 20 2018] The research is reflection on life and socioeconomic relationships in the context of an international conspiracy, unfortunately the result of a real close encounter. We start with a look at the role Secret Societies have plaid in the human event from the time of the Nights Templars but most importantly during the last century, their manipulation of politics and the economy in order to steer humanity into a New Apocalyptic World Order, which is a theme that is maintained throughout. It contains quite simply one of the biggest revelations in human history, the Holy grail, and exposes the use of moral currencies to subvert the culture and achieve world domination by an extraterrestrial race.

From the second chapter we concentrate on the Information Paradox which is also known as paranormal or metaphysical event but could be explained in the pervasive consumption. This allowed us to elaborate on the low coefficient capitalization and the socioeconomic impact of the political dogmas. Before entering into what we call the tyranny of money we used examples such as human rights to explain energy-time relationships and the environmental consequences. Once we get into the effects of money concepts such commoditization and capitalization are explored further and explained from the perspective of the negative enrichment, which takes us monopolies and the corporate system’s relationship with society. This is supported with historical facts and a special analysis of the recent economic recession of 2007.

On a more universal scale we refer to global movements such as the emergence of communism and try to explain the paradox from the point of view of globalization and the interaction with capitalism. This is a very long chapter that offered the opportunity to focus on the moral imperative and other socioeconomic dynamics. We talk about language and culture, principle of movement and the liberal utopia; discuss the need for intelligent structures and exhaustively examining the learning curve, the relationship between the known quantity and the need for growth, common sense and the irrational determinism. Holding it together with one recurring theme, the inherent economic contradiction and how anything can be commoditized to produce the paradox and generate the addiction. At some point we talk about the means of communication, television, the internet, and their influence on society.

On the topic of Globalization, we concentrate mostly on China as part of a well-orchestrated plan to bring it into the so-called free trade world markets, and the environmental pollution which now would be taken to astronomical levels. We revisit the concepts of inflation and insidious quantification previously dealt with in the discussion about moral doctrines, revealing a timeline of events that culminate in the transfer of most of America’s external debt to China and S & E economic dialogue between the two countries, a treaty that takes place mostly under the radar.
This are some of the chapters and an excerpt from the book, Shadow Government, The Information Paradox, Religious Doctrines, Other Moral Doctrines, New Global Doctrines, Popular Culture Under Siege, The Neoconservative Movement, Money’s Tyranny, Communism as a Product of Capitalism, Globalization and American Imperialism.

Esteban Garcia was born in Cuba in 1964 where he remained until 1985 when he migrated to the United States after graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree. He studied Computer Programing and System Analysis at United Business Institute from 1985 through 1988. After graduating he worked at an Interior Design company as a System Annalist for about three years, until he decided to start his own business and become an entrepreneur. He has been working on this book for the last ten years as a result of a very confounding experience involving Secret Societies and have done extensive research on every angle associated to the subject.


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